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MUSI 1530
Rebecca Jubis

CHAPTER SIX Big Band – the large dance orchestra between 1935 and 1945. (p.121) Boogie-Woogie – piano style of the SW states in which a powerful sound and strong left hand in the low range of the piano is used to be heard in noisy bars and venues; strong influence in Rock n Roll; has rhythmic drive and reliance on riffs. (p. 136) Booking agencies – corporations that represent and promote professional musicians (p.122) BMI – Broadcast Music, Incorporated – rival licensing agency of the radio networks against ASCAP; BMI included R & B, country and western musicians who were ignored by ASCAP. (p. 143) Breakaway – separating of dance partners in order to exhibit their skilful dance moves; famous in the dance the Lindy Hop.(p.124) Dobro – amplified, 6-string guitar using a technique similar to that when playing a Hawaiian guitar. (p.146) Four on the floor –playing all 4 beats with the bass drum pedal; reinforces the walking bass rhythm.(p.126) Hepcat – derived from the African Wolof “hipikat” meaning to be aware of one’s surroundings.(p.123) Jitterbugging – acrobatic style of dancing. (p.123) Jitter bugs – college-age adults and teenagers who attended the swing era dance halls. (p.125) Juke box – the coin-operated record players found in restaurants and dance halls. (p.121) Jungle music style – Duke Ellington style featuring dense textures, unusual harmonies, growling sounds in the bass
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