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Rock and Popular MusicIntroductory ClassAll music including rock and pop revolve around moneyKey TermsPolitical EconomyThe way that money flowsGate keepers People involved within music that promote music and try to decide which music can be sold There are different types of gate keepers Eg musicradio companies record stores record companies The people who are selling your records or who youre working for decide what to do with your records depending on the ability to sell Bloggers can be considered gate keepers because they filter music and help you find what you like CHECK INTERNET CapitalismCapitalism is a type of system that has heavy influence on music as it revolves around the flow of money and profit Ex Entrepreneurs wont rise when there isnt money to raise in terms of music some look to just survive putting out enough records to live Entrepreneurs are considered a type of gate keeper as they act differently depending on the situation You cant create what you cant imagine and you cant imagine what you havent experienced To create something and to imagine something you need to try out new things experience like mixing music and different musical instruments regardless of the distant relation between the two new concepts Ex Creating new sounds tuning guitar differently Hallucinogenic drugs like LSD and Acid during the period of rockpopular music allowed people to imagine and experience new things in order to create different types of music TimbreQuality of sound Ex When a certain note is played you are able to identify the instrument of origin depending on the Timbre Timbre can be manipulated timbre may change depending on emotion importance and more4 ConceptsMusicking Christopher SmallArgues that all people musicking are participating in the musicalsocial meaning of the moment Music is not just a product its a process Product is more fixed process is a lot more openended Ex Hiphop is more product oriented because there are so many words that are complex In modern music however music is much more product oriented because it is often practised and the same time and time again However when musicians change their styles there music becomes a process Christopher Small also believed that embodied in the actual sounds are the audiences idea of social relationships Christopher Small valued individuality as even when singing together the individual sounds would be different This allowed people to assert their individuality in social relationshipscommunity Ex If you were a saxophone player you would practise for years to develop your own sound so that you could separate yourself from others Different people different viewpoints different music
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