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ROCK AND ROLL, 1954-1964.pdf

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York University
MUSI 1530
Matt Vander Woude

ROCK AND ROLL 19541964TEXTBOOK READING Section 1 7585 Section 2 161178 LECTURE EXAMPLES Blue Moon of Kentucky Elvis Presley 1954 TuttiFruttiLittle Richard 1955 MaybelleneChuck Berry 1955 Sitting On Top of the World Les Paul 1958 RebelRouserDuane Eddy 1958 Poor Little Fool Ricky Nelson 1958 Pony Time Chubby Checker 1961 River Deep Mountain HighTina Turner 1966 Sloop John B Beach Boys 1966 VIDEOS Rock and Roll The Early Years PBSParts 15 Part 1 httpswwwyoutubecomwatchvUbF3l8gwAJw Part 2 httpswwwyoutubecomwatchviDTTXJrjJ2c Part 3 httpswwwyoutubecomwatchvbu63HrhZeVA Part 4httpswwwyoutubecomwatchvJsTDKTDxP5wPart 5httpswwwyoutubecomwatchv2Hgpao5mGgASOCIAL AND HISTORICAL CONTEXTPOST WORLD WAR II ECONOMIC BOOMMIDDLECLASS FAMILY INCOME50006000 YRGROWTH OF DISPOSABLE INCOME LEISURE TIMEMIGRATION OF SOUTHERN BLACKS TO THE URBANNORTH seechange AfricanAmerican PopulationBABY BOOM76 MILLION IN US6 MILLION IN CANADA HIGH SCHOOL DESEGREGATIONBROWN VS BD OF EDTOPEKA KS1954ROCK AND ROLLRHYTHM AND BLUESCHICAGO HIGHSCHOOL STUDY OF MUSIC PREFERENCES 1957 8000 Students 4000 Female4000 Male 55 claim RR as favourite music 24 Elvis Presley 44 Pat BooneBTECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENTSTRANSISTOR TECHNOLOGYVINYL TECHNOLOGY 45 RPM AND 33 13 LP ELECTRIC GUITAR AND MICROPHONE MAGNETIC TAPE TECHNOLOGY 1928 Dr Fritz PfeumerBlattnerphone 1932 BASFTelefunken1935 First Public Demo1945 Radio Hamburg1946 Ampex US 510000 dollars CCHANGES IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY NETWORK TELEVISION AND INDEPENDENT RADIOAFRICANAMERICAN RADIOWDIA MEMPHIS1948RADIO DJS Salesman Personality Promoter Alan FreedDick Clark REATION OFBMI 1939 GROWTH OF INDEPENDENT RECORD LABELS MAJOR RECORD COMPANIES VSINDIESsearch for a youth specific music
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