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MUSI 2520
Ron Nelson

Class 3:  By 1975, the south Bronx was the most deteriorated place in the U.S  Literally became a slum  Majority of its residents were black or latino  Horrible Infrastructure (eg. public transit, services, community centres etc.)  NYC Average Income 1970: $9700  Bronx Average Income 1970: $5000  25% malnutrition rate in the Bronx  very difficult to survive; gangs and drugs were common (heroin, crack, weed)  Police corruption was rampant; dealt drugs o Police stole $73 worth of drugs from a lock up  Despite the negativity, there was alot more social unity and awareness  Hip Hop was born from this very environment  Since most of Hip Hop was free (monetary sense), this was a good incentive for people to partake in it  Grandmaster Flash's song was a message to the rest of America about what was happening in the Bronx (black guys getting arrested for doing nothing video) (called The Message) 3 Major Events that lead to Hip Hop: 1. Robert Moses (Urban Planner) authorized the construction of an expressway through The Bronx  Upper/middle class citizens left because they could afford to  Business left as th
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