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MUSI 2520
Ron Nelson

Class 5:  Most popular music in the bronx  The hottest kind of music in north america (mid 70's) (disco fever) o Monopolized the mainstream airways & moved on to tv/movies eventually  All kinds of people listened to it (white/black)  Disco music was started by the gay community  Saturday night fever became the most popular move soundtrack (included disco music)  Disco soon revealed itself to be a fad (popular artists jumping on the bandwagon)  NYC began to lose connection with funk during this period  The impactful soul music from the 60's was gone (no more meaning/activism)  "The Disco Sucks Movement": People kept repeating it (radio/tv)  People wore buttons/shirts & baseball game incident (burning disco records during intermiss)  Gang situation was a response to disco  Gangs began terrorizing the disco's in the Bronx (robbing, attacking, assaults)  Steve Dolley: Anti disco ralley & the next day, radio stations withdrew disco songs  By the next year, only 20% of disco songs were charted  End of 1982, down to 17%: for a 3 week period (not one record by black person in top 20)  Wall erected between black and white music  Young street kids couldn't get into these places (started having their own parties) o Started having house/block parties all over the NYC ghettos o Consisted of different music (not disco) (jazz, rock, funk) o Replaced the radio program director and replace it with the DJ's and MC's o By 1977, rapping had gotten very popular (changing tradition) o No segregation or judgement, anyone could listen/enjoy/relate o Very quiet movement, no proliferated on the radio/tv/other media outlets  Chic: Good Times (the most important song in terms of the birth of hip hop) (1979)  Built on repetition  The irony: Talking about "the good time" but was the last pop disco song
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