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MUSI 2520
Ron Nelson

Lecture 3:  LL Cool J was the biggest sex symbol (first ever)  The next sex symbol after him was Big Daddy Kane o Posed naked in a sex book by Madonna  LL Cool J: Ladies Love Cool James  LL Cool J was motivated by the only song on the radio which was rappers delight  He sent demos to Sugarhill but they rejected him and missed out  Def Jam: LL Cool J's record label (Rick Reuben & Russell Simmons)  “I need love” is the first successful hip hop ballad in history o This song also really helped bring hiphop outside of the ghettos/black communitty  1991: the first rapper to go acoustic on MTV unplugged  He'd proven that rappers can have careers for real; Began getting into acting  LL cool J performed at Bill Clinton’s inaugural celebration  When he released this album (14 shots to the dome), thats when he started the sitcom called In The House o there was only one other rap duo that had done this before; jazzy and fresh prince (will
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