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MUSI 2520
Ron Nelson

Lecture 4:  Red Run’s real name is Joseph Simmons o He is the younger brother of Russell simmons  DMC’s real name is Darrel McDaniels  Jam master jay’s name is Jason William Mizel st  1 face group of hip hop  Hollis street in Queens (middle class neighborhood)  All of them went to university  Russell Simmons managed kurtis blow o As one of the first managers in hip hop was reputable was not just a promoter but also a manager because he truly helped rap expand it out of the ghetto o Kurtis blow chose 13 year old Red Run to go on tour as a DJ o Introduced as “the son of Kurtis Blow” o “fast as an exploding bullet my disco son run” o Eventually broke his arm, tried to do one arm but got replaced  Age 17 run: Russell simmons making records, runs last year in school o Darryl macdaniels (bboy/comics) o Run entered La Guardia community college for mortuary science o Dmc goes to st. johns university o Struggling for attention/ dmc was really hardcore and a bboy o Jam master g was hardcore (wasn’t recognized till second album) o Stage in 83 was about bragging/boasting and partying o For the first time in rap, there was a fine line between softer rap and hardcore bboy rap  Russell Simmons decided to dabble in production (came up with sucker MC’s)  Simmons formed rush management and that’s when rick rubin partnered with him  Run dmc could be booked for 5 grand  Ll cool j got 6 grand for 20 minutes  Fat boy/Houdini and them usually got around $3500 per shows  Run dmc was unique for their fashion sense (all black, top hats, bosses)  Next album was known as “Kings of Rock”  Sold a million copies (went platinum) (1985)  Ll cool j is on this album also  Starred in a film; based on the life of Russell Simmons o Film was rated R, violence followed them in the theatres (riots) (biker gangs)  Next album was called Raising Hell o Become the single biggest LP for run DMC o Sold more than 3 million copies o Album signals raps final evolution onto the next level o One of the reasons for this was the song “Walk this way” feat. Aerosmith o Became the first top ten single in hip hop history o Peaked at
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