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Lecture 1

MUSI 2520 Lecture 1: Lecture 1

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MUSI 2520
Timothy Mc Cauley

MUSI 2520 (LECTURE 1) *Music always relates to what’s going on in its own time* CHARACTERISTICS OF MUSIC -Western Music = all music in Western World & Europe -Instrumentation is the main characteristic that generally differentiates Western music from other cultures -Tunning system in the West is called Equal Temperament (also used to differentiate) -Western music scale has at least 7 notes MUSIC TERMINOLOGY -Melody = derived from scales. In order of sets of pitches (notes). ^it’s the perceptible tune of a piece of music -Harmony = at least 2 notes sounding simultaneously ^Chords = 3 or more notes sounding simultaneously -Harmony & Chords can be classified as consonant (major / happy / pleasant) OR dissonant (minor / sad / tense/complex) -Rhythm = specific patterns of short & long durations given to the melody & harmony. Rhythm (style/feel) can also be established with silence (pause), not just sound. Rhythm is NOT the beat. ^Beat = pulse of the music. Beat & Tempo are closely related. Tempo = speed of
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