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MUSI 2520
Ron Westray

Nations of islam 5 school he has a concentric rapper a little more grounded and also sings ubt no match for his mc skillsUnlike other rappers this had no pop record successHe should have gotten it but he never had the pop successAs far as an underground success he ranked amongst the best for putting out the best records in the innocent eraAntonio hardy is from Brooklyn aka bi daddy kane September 10 1968 and hes a vergoWhat does kane stand forKing Asiatic nobodys equal 1984 biz markie stuck up a friendship with this guyKanes first people as part of the juice crew was to be a writer we called him a cold writer becuz he never got credit but he was good at rhyming rhymes like biz markie and even roxanne shante and this was even before he became an official member of juice crewBig daddy kane signed with marly mal cold chillin records 1987 first official reord and the following year 1988 he would come with first single called RAW this was an underground sensation this was like out a decade before its timeSong he played rawWhat his is his style of rapping The brilliant lyrics somethin
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