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MUSI 2520
Ron Westray

Kurtis Blow Born in 1959Real name Kurtis WalkerWhen hip hop began in the mid 1970s he was aroundFirst thing that he was was a breakdancerand he wasnt that great at it so didnt pursue itThan he was a block party DJhe went by Kool Dj kurt maybeHe has postsecondary education19791980 Kurtis is hotKurtis went to collegeHe was a program director at the radiohe didnt even know he was going to be an MC at the timeKurtis Blow when there was rappers looking for role models inspiration rappers who were not out yet werent any rap records in the storeOnly a handful of people they could look at and being inspired byKurtis Blow was one of this peoplethKurtis Blow is considered to be the 6 MC sometimes he would perform with Grandmaster thFlash and would be introduced as the 6 MCThe first significant rap record on the radio was by Kurtis BlowIn the fall of 1979 Kurtis Blow became the first rapper to sign and release a record with a major label Mercury Records a division ofPolyGram that is kind of who he stuck withimportantFirst rapper on a major record label was Kurtis GlowFirst successful solo artist was Kurtis GlowNo one remembers who came second Currently first rapper that signed an endorsement deal of any kindHe was after rappers delight and people remembered himWhat made him so different
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