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Lecture 2

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Lecture 5 Doug E FreshBorn in BarbadosOnly relevant today for a few reasons o Had couple of very significant hits in the 80s o Very special in the world of hip hop first original human beatboxerPioneer of beatboxing o Doug E Freshthe get fresh crew chill will berry b slick rick ricky d only other rapper in the crewUnique because they were the only crew who performed live using two DJs chill willberry b extremely talentedIn 1984 was when most hip hop fans got to officially see him movie called Beat Street o Played himselfDropped first significant track on Enjoy records in 1984 o Song on Vintertainment records experimental rap label one of the most unique records a DJ could buy 10 minutes of human beatboxing The original human beatboxingBy 1985 he was one of the biggest names in all of rap musicThe ShowThe Get Fresh Creworiginally produced by Teddy ReillySlick Ricks music was symbolic in the change of the style of rap music o Introduction of mass cursing in songs o Album came out in 1987it was called Oh My God o Album two
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