MUSI 2520 Lecture Notes - Jay Z, Beatboxing, Rapping

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Published on 5 Feb 2013
Class 2:
Hip hop: “A movement expressed through artistic forms called Elements"
Rap is "something you do" whereas Hip Hop is "something you live" (culture)
4 Elements of Hip Hop:
o Rapping
o DJ'ing
o Graffiti
o Break/Street Dancing
Hip hop is an attitude. It's not mainstream. Hip Hop is the voice of a generation refusing to be
silenced by
o Urban Poverty
o Inequality
o Injustice
Almost everyone within the age range of 13-35 appreciates hip-hop in some form -- 80% of
targeted group are Caucasian
Hip Hop's top earners
o Jay Z, P-Diddy, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Birdman, Eminem
The most political/social type of music
Several so called "fifth elements" of hip hop
o Fashion
o Beatboxing
o Political Activism
o Knowledge
o Slang & Rope Skipping (double dutching)
Hip hop is a youth movement & it communicates emotion (expel aggression)
Rap music was born in the Bronx, New York City
In the 70's, NYC was full of crime, violence, & as a by-product; rap
Jamaica played a big role in developing hip hop
Early Traces of Rap: Skip Rope, cheerleading, military chants, jailhouse rhymes, speakers such as
Martin Luther King & Malcolm X
DJ Kool Herc:
o a Jamaican who introduced America to hip hop. One of the pioneers of hip hop music.
o Inspired by American rapper James Brown
o brought the reggae aspect from the islands but also influenced by funk music
o invented the merry-go-round DJ technique
o "Hip Hop is a response to disco" (bboys seeking funk music)
Toasting: Dub talk over various elements of reggae music
o when the Jamaican disc jockies talked over the music they played.
o first person adventure stories about superheroes
o thrived in armies, prisons, & and the streets
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