MUSI 2520 Lecture Notes - Disco, Dolley Madison, Soul Music

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5 Feb 2013

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Class 5:
Most popular music in the bronx
The hottest kind of music in north america (mid 70's) (disco fever)
o Monopolized the mainstream airways & moved on to tv/movies eventually
All kinds of people listened to it (white/black)
Disco music was started by the gay community
Saturday night fever became the most popular move soundtrack (included disco music)
Disco soon revealed itself to be a fad (popular artists jumping on the bandwagon)
NYC began to lose connection with funk during this period
The impactful soul music from the 60's was gone (no more meaning/activism)
"The Disco Sucks Movement": People kept repeating it (radio/tv)
People wore buttons/shirts & baseball game incident (burning disco records during intermiss)
Gang situation was a response to disco
Gangs began terrorizing the disco's in the Bronx (robbing, attacking, assaults)
Steve Dolley: Anti disco ralley & the next day, radio stations withdrew disco songs
By the next year, only 20% of disco songs were charted
End of 1982, down to 17%: for a 3 week period (not one record by black person in top 20)
Wall erected between black and white music
Young street kids couldn't get into these places (started having their own parties)
o Started having house/block parties all over the NYC ghettos
o Consisted of different music (not disco) (jazz, rock, funk)
o Replaced the radio program director and replace it with the DJ's and MC's
o By 1977, rapping had gotten very popular (changing tradition)
o No segregation or judgement, anyone could listen/enjoy/relate
o Very quiet movement, no proliferated on the radio/tv/other media outlets
Chic: Good Times (the most important song in terms of the birth of hip hop) (1979)
Built on repetition
The irony: Talking about "the good time" but was the last pop disco song
Fell of the charts after reaching number 1; no more disco
Break was so long: people started rapping during the break (egg of disco)
Fatback Band: responsible for the first time America heard rap on vinyl music
o King Tim 3rd (Personality Jock): First rap single of all time (2 months before Rappers
Rapper's Delight (Sugarhill Gang): First commercial rap record ever released
o Sylvia Reuben: Pillow Talk (one hit in 1973)
o She released Rapper's Delight; makes all the money from that record
o Son: gave information on the streets & what was hot
o From 1976, they saw hip hop develop and grow
o Story: Big Bang Hank worked as a bouncer at a club/ pizza joint; doorman who liked rap
& was observing the scene. Sylvia hears big bang hank and asks him to make a record.
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