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Lecture 7

MUSI 2520 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Independent Record Label, Bushwick Bill, Sean Combs

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MUSI 2520
Ron Nelson

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Violence prevalent in hh did not originate in hh nor is it unique in american culture
-rappers simply usurped something that had already been there for a very long time
Foundations of violence
Contextual false misogyny
Extensive use of metaphors
Metaphors used as modules for sociopolitical observation of fiction
media/the silver screen
-cowboys vs indans, mobsters, hustlers, dealers, gangs, scarface vs superfly
-virtual reality vs real conflict
-definition and comparion to video games
-perceiptions and interpretations vs intentions (real/false beefs)
Gangsta rap-sub genre hh
-genre established by rappers such as schoolly D and ICE-t
Popularized in late 1980s byt groups like NWA
In light of the attention Ice t and nwa attracted during this time, the genre soon established itself
as the most commerically lucrative subgenre of hh
The genres name comes from gangster, aka is westcoast hh and g-funk
Gangsta rap characterized by lyrics that vary from accurate reflections to fictionalzed accounts
of life on the streets, though some rappers associated with gangs like BC
When discussing this genre it is important to consider some of the societal factors in play at the
time such as the epidemic spread of crack cocaine throughout inner cities and the ffects of
reaganomics leading to widespread inflation, which further led to the decay of the 1990s urban
america during the late 1980s and early 1990s
This in turn led the african american community to express its collective rage in aprt through
music, west coast gangsta rap soon came to emphasize skills in the street as much if not more
thann skills on the mic, as the need to keep it real blurred the line between the music business
and the streets.
Musically the origins of gangsta rap can be traced back to philadelphia, rapper schoolly d who
established the archetype for gangsta rap with the track “psk (what does it mean?) from his
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