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Lecture 5

MUSI 2520 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Funkmaster Flex, Biz Markie

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MUSI 2520
Ron Nelson

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Kris style: the philosophy jof krs one 2003
Unreleased interview with krs-one filmed in 2003 at wutang 36 chamber recording studio in NYC
-album-medical cures for the chromatic commands of the inner city serves as the soundtrack
-coproduced by ron westray
Hiphop-acronym for his/her infinite power helping oppressed people. A reflection of the reality of
the inner city
Other justification of the use of the n word
-past is the past
-culturally offensive words are commonly used in jest within the said culture
-valid within the use of the entire hiphop language
-n b mf certain words are part of the hiphop lexicon
Earlier styles vs later styles
Break beats vs no break beats
Drum machines vs sampled drum line
tape loops vs sampler
Akai s900 sampler
Was both a technical innovation as well as a process innovation that emerged in the late 1980s
-with the emergence of a new generation of samplers such as the akai s900 producers were at
last free of the need for tape
This machine became such as important part of hiphop during its golden age that virtually all of
the music created through the use of this machine and just like the roland tr808, it brought about
drastic change in the overall sound of the music while presenting a new way of making music. In
short this is one of those technological improvements that changed everything in the field
Sampling techniques
-diminishing/augmentation of the original sample
-tempo increase decrease bpm
-addition of beats, instruments, solos or vocals
>metaphorical manipulation--substitution and or alteration of the original philosophcal theme
Metaphorical manipulation
-ghostface killah sampled little miltons packed up and took my mind but flipped the metaphor
from being about a broken heart to about being in a panic after murdering someone in a grocery
store robbery
Little milton campbell packed up and took my mind 1975
Ghostface killah walk around the big doe rehab 2007
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Transitioning from the formative years of hiphop to the golden age, we see a new cohort of mcs
and djs build on the foundation established by the early artists and achieve previous unheard of
commercial success while at the same time gaining critical and cultural acceptance along while
also reaching new audiences
We also see artists coming from places other than the bronx and the queensbridge housing
projects. Hiphop artists are now emerging from places like long island, NT, newark, nj,
philadelphia, pa, and even oakland california on the west coast
Eric b and rakim
Members-eric “eric b” barrier, william “mc rakim” michael griffin jr
Origin-long island new york
-their debut album paid in full was recorded at marley marls home studio and power play studios
in new york city and released in 1987
Rakims mcing has a slow flow and his lyrics are mesmeric
Paid in full was one of the first hiphop albums to fully embrace 1970s funk samples.
Heavy use of sampling by eric b such as from bobby byrds i know you got soul became
influential in hiphop production
Public enemy
founders chuck d (carlton ridenhour) and flavor flav (william drayton)
Members-dj lord, professor griff and his siw group, terminerator x, sista soulja,
Origin-long island new york 1982
Known for its politically charged lyrics and its criticism of the american media
Fight the power-it takes a nation of millions to hold us back 1989
Ll cool j
Born-james todd smith jan 1 1968
Origin-queens NYC
-ladies love cool james
-known for romantic ballads
-i need love
-around the way girl
-hey lover
Also known for pioneering hiphop tracks such as “i cant live without my radio”
-im bad
-bloomin system
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