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Ron Westray

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Week 10Biz MarkieHarlem NY started rapping in Manhattan at The Fun House and The RockyOriginal Bboy could rap sing breakdance DJRon Nelson said He was down to earth1987 lowriding his jeans people didnt care because his beatboxing was sickst1 person who showed you can add comedy into hiphopGoofyNever sacrificed his street scene like the fatboys who exploited their fatnessAlso called The DiabolicalEntertainerWas inspired by Doug E Fresh to beat boxMother sent him to psychiatrist Shrink because she thought he had problems when he beatboxed grade 81985 met Marley MarlMarl didnt have a band or instrumentals so he thought Bizs beatboxing will be usefulBeat boxed for MC Shan and Roxanne Shante1988 completed first set of demos1988 Marl signed Biz to Cold Chillin recordsAlbum 3I need a HaircutoSales media said it was going to be a disappointmentGilbert OSullivanOriginal writercomposer of song Alone AgainFiled a lawsuit against Warner BrosCold Chillin for usings his song without permissionWon the lawsuitI need a Haircut pulled out of shelvesOther sampled music pulled out of shelves
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