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NATS 1700 Lecture Notes - Social Insurance Number, Personal Information Protection And Electronic Documents Act, Informa

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NATS 1700
Dov Lungu

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Privacy & Control - Assignment #4 Notes
The Right to Privacy
Privacy means:
free from intrusion ( to be left alone)
free from surveillance (not be followed, watched)
have control of information about yourself
Enjoyment of privacy is a human right
Privacy is infringed by
Private individuals
**Knowingly or unknowingly giving it away**
Aspects of Privacy
Information Privacy
Establishment of rules - governing the collection and handling of personal informa-
tion (personal identity [race, age, education, religion, social insurance number, ad-
dress, etc] )
Can be stores on paper or databases [ birth, marriage and death data, police re-
cords, car records, welfare, etc ]
Unauthorized insiders
Leakage through carelessness
Privacy of Communications
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