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Lecture 2

NATS 1775 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Industrial Arts, Sociotechnical System, Combined Oral Contraceptive Pill

Natural Science
Course Code
NATS 1775
Vera Pavri

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NATS 1775 lecture 2 9/12/2017 10:11:00 PM
Technology as knowledge & Activity
Knowledge: there is a certain type of art in making things
That knowledge is tied to activity
What type of skills or methods does someone need to create
We are seeing the object as a finished project but we need to know
what goes behind creating those finished products
Why technology is created for a lot of reasons
Sometimes technology maybe be created for one purpose but
people m ay use it in a completely different way
Someone who creates it might have a certain vision but other
people may take that technology and redefine it
As a sociotechnical system
Technology & society
Understanding how technology influences society
How people influence the very technology they use on an everyday
We look at how technology impacts us but we need to understand
its really about how people influence the design and the
development of the technology
In the past the term technology often been acquainted with the words
invention and engineering
Practical Arts
Technology as a type of art or craft
Applied Science
Relationship between science and technology
Technology is often seen as a discipline in the hands of groups such
as engineers
Creating, Thinking, Doing
Success & Failure
Revolutionary & Evolutionary
Revolution & Evolution
Examining the impact of revolutionary technology

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Implies abrupt social change
Introduce it to society and it may change the fabrication of the
Internet has changed our everyday lives
Marketing of technology often people label the app as revolution
they such it will revolution your life in some way
That is something we need to consider carefully
Internet is often seen as one of the most revolutionary
o However in the late 1800s that a technology created in this
time had more of an impact than the internet has on us today
Electrical telegraph
One of the very first communication tools to send
messages across long distances
the ability to gain news quickly made the world
seem smaller and more connected
Global village
It changed the way we communicate and do
Compare that to the internet
Technology not as revolutionary but evolutionary
How does an older technology influence the way a new is made or
used or managed and controlled
Evolution slow gradual growth and change
We need to see the evolution of technological development
The development and use of the telephone influenced the radio
The radio influenced the tv
The tv influenced the computers
Look at the links and connection
Success & Failure
Why is it some technology are so popular in one part of the world
yet be rejected in another part of the world
Modern, Progress, advancement ,
o These are societies that have successfully incorporated
We tend to categorized different parts of the world by whether they
are technologically advanced or technologically backwards

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We need to understand technology in social context
Try to dissect why the technology may or may not have been
North African response to the wheel in the 3rd
They rejected it because the wheel will breakdown in the dessert
whereas a camel would not
Universal Application
We cant just label a technology as having one big impact
Technological Determinism
Technology & Society
Technology is the primary agent of social and cultural change
o Agent primary cause
When a new technology is introduced into society it will cause
major social and organizational change
It assumes that technology is responsible for all kinds of changes
we see in the world around us
Notion that although people created technology these technologies
will take on a life of their own
Society will sometimes have no control over the very technology we
Technologies control us and not the other way around
I cant live without my cellphone its this notion that your reliance
on technology has now created a relationship of the technology
controlling you rather than the other way around
How so many people in our world define certain generations
o Electronic generation
o Internet age
Idea that if you want to understand how people like you function
think or play, point to the popular technology the internet
The internet will help understand how people behave
Industrial revolution
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