NATS 1775 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Antimalarial Medication, Rapidfire, Indian Rebellion Of 1857

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Technologies which were instrumental in colonization, bringing people to the colonies as well as maintaining economic and social control over the colonies. Technologies that were mainly used to build empires were not necessarily built to make money. Their main goals were not to make money, but to control the people. These technologies were expensive to create and maintain them. This became an economic drain on the colonies. Most of the profits associated with colonization were used to control and maintain the colonies. The use of the steam engine was important in ships because that was the way that the people wold be transported to and from the new colonies. The railway and construction of new railways around the world, which is discussed further below, is also an expensive new technology during this time which was widely used. The most important form of medicine at this time is called quinine.