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Lecture 8

NATS 1775 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Interchangeable Parts, Typewriter

Natural Science
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NATS 1775
Vera Pavri

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Lecture Eighteen: The Automobile and Rise of Mass Production in the United
November 22, 2011
Interchangeable Parts
Many of these interchangeable parts came from Europe, and not in the United
-In Europe, there was an emphasis on craftsmanship
-Therefore, mass produced parts were considered to be inferior
The Americans borrowed these unpopular techniques from Europe and made
them better.
Elie Whitney
-Entrepreneur in Europe who brought ideas to the United States
-Interested in using interchangeable and standard parts for the building of
-Asked the government for money to make some muskets using this way
-Promised to make over 10 000 muskets, even though no other firm had ever
been able to make more than 5000
Fantasy versus Reality
-Eli Whitney was able to make these muskets, which amazed the government
-However, historians opened up the muskets and discovered that there was
only the illusion of standardized and interchangeable parts
-He hand filed down all the parts so that they looked the same, as opposed to
actually manufacturing identical parts
Role of Intermediary Industries and the Military
There was an increased role in the creation of new technologies by military and
government institutions.
-These institutions are usually leaders when it comes to creating new
-They are highly motivated to create new materials
-They have the largest amount of money that is able to be invested
-Larger amounts of money means that they are able to take the fall for
failures (lots of failure usually occurs before one success)
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