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Lecture 8

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Vera Pavri

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Lecture 8 voice 19.
Television: Farnsworth in battle of disputes and men like Zworykin funded by RCA. Connection
b/w old and new technology is quite apparent when we look at RCA radio giant trying to get into
television just like we see RCA battling with AT&T in early history of radio. The old company
empower, tries to get hold of new technology when it comes out to market place. Not only the
patent disputes delayed the final verdict of who invent the television, but WW2 will delay the
development of commercial TV. TV sold in the market place. Financial success comes when
you make the technology commercial and with television, it will happen in 1950. Zworykin
supported by RCA, Farnsworth goes to RCA and tells if they don’t stop bugging him with patent
disputes, he will sell his patents to the rivals AT&T.
Prior to ww2 one of the problems to advent the tv to commercial use was because at the time
the FCC was incharge of Television. One of the things they wanted to establish before the tv
would go on market place was to establish a set of standards.
What is standardization? It is process of establishing a technical standard among competing
entries in a market that will help competition and benefit consumers in areas such as quality,
reliability, safety, efficiency and interchangeability (compatibility)
Before television was to be bought or sold to the market, the FCC wanted to establish a general
standard in terms of manufacturing tv sets. If companies produce different standard tv sets, they
will not work with one another and will force the consumers to have to choose one company and
buy stuff from that one company. Establishing technical standards means that companies
produce same kind of tv sets across the border, they are standard, compatible it offers
consumers much more choice. Just before ww2 company that progressed in making tv sets was
RCA. FCC wanted to adopt RCA standard as though that would be required to manufacture
television sets. However a lot of companies were not happy about FCC’s decision. No other
company wanted to use RCA standard because using RCA standard, made you pay major
royalties. After one year FCC decided to reverse the decision.
Standard debate
The problem with establishing standard comes from surrounding the introduction of Blu ray
players, around same time introduction of HD dvd players. They were incompatible systems,
didn’t work with each other. Time warner ended the debate by purchasing the blu ray.
FM Radio and Television connection, 2 debates. The better technology doesn’t always win out
the market place. Sometimes the more advance system is not always adopted initially.
Sometimes better technology is not adopted due to interference of business or govt. in other
words political and economic decisions can play a huge role in success and failure to these
kinds of technology.
Development of FM Radio. People using before were AM radio. Amplitude modulation. Use of
AM radio posed a major problems for the industry. Static and interference with AM radio, not
only you have sound quality problems but also signals don’t travel far. Limitations with AM radio
were back then. Edwin Armstrong decided to create a new kind of radio system called FM. He
created it in 1930s and patented as early as 1933. FM worked by changing frequencies. AM:
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