NATS 1775 Lecture Notes - Fringe Science

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21 Mar 2012
NATS Debate - Controversial Science and Technology
March 20, 2012
Debate One: Mandatory Genetic Testing
Mandatory genetic testing: concept which relates to the idea of a society where people
MUST undergo genetic tests.
-See if they are susceptible to certain genetic traits or diseases
-Also a question of where this data would be available
-Positive: people can take the information to better their lives (if they know they are sus-
ceptible to a certain disease, people may change their lives in order to prevent the dis-
ease coming about in the first place)
-Negative: people take the information as an ultimatum. They think they no longer have
the will to live, become depressed or give up on live
Note: the tests rate your susceptibility, not your inevitability. People think that if you are
more likely to get something, you will definitely get it. This is not true.
Genetic Determinism - the theory that your life, personality and characteristic is com-
pletely determined by your genes.
-People would want to know the results of someone’s genetic tests before they engage
in a relationship with them (especially a relationship which may lead to marriage, poten-
tially having children together in the future)
Insurance Companies
-Positive: the entire industry is based on risk. Having access to the results could play a
major role in determining whether or not you qualify for insurance, or how much insur-
ance will cost for a given person
-Economically, it is better to know these things before they hire a person
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