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Lecture 1 What causes color? What we know as color is a perception/sensation created by human eye & brain. Scattering. Living Color Video 3 Dimensions of Color “Primary” color sets: There are 2 ways to mix color in your eye:

Natural Science
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NATS 1870
Robin Kingsburgh

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SC NATS 1870 Monday,
September 14th, 2009
What causes color?
Light each light source has a particular color (neon, fluorescent, tungsten)
Surface color molecules cause color on fabric, colors get absorbed but surface color
itself & reflects it in our eyes (individual lights = protons)
Frequency wave range
Sun produce own light astronomy color
Paints & dyes
Soap bubbles, iridescent lights, crystals, optical color produce color from material &
light interacts (shells & insect wings)
The color spectrum light passed through a prism gets broken down to component
colors ( R O Y G B I V )
Light falling on surfaces get absorbed
oSome color absorbed
oSome color reflected
oReflected color travels to eye
What we know as color is a perception/sensation created by human eye & brain.
Light sun space (blue + violet light interact w/ smallest molecules)
Long wave length pass & small wave length get directed to ^
Blue eyes tiny particles finely distributed, less melanin = light eyes
Living Color Video
No one theory determines color of objects
Color can’t exist w/out light
Before learning to dye, ppl painted things
Color affects emotion
Church stain glass = inspirational
Sarah Hall Toronto artist, color conscious
Bob Goose satellite printing, sending color images/documents
Tom Isner photosynthesis = carbon dioxide + sun
Water vapor blanket = sensitive light from atmosphere
Ultraviolet reflects different colors
Insect sees total different spectrum of color
Infared is heat, human eye can’t see but some snakes can
Women = 2 X chromosomes & men = 1 X chromosome
Color blind more often in men, women have 2 X chromosomes to rely on
Opposite colors = complimentary
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