Lecture 2 What is a spectrum? What are 3 dimensions of color? Why are there no unique primary sets? Issac Newton 1642 - 1727 Newton’s Experiment The Electromagnetic Spectrum Introduction To Spectrum

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Published on 16 Oct 2011
York University
Natural Science
NATS 1870
SC NATS 1870 (lecture) Monday,
September 21, 2009
What is a spectrum?
A range of colors
Putting light thru prism
What are 3 dimensions of color?
Why are there no unique primary sets?
Different ways of mixing color using different primary sets
Issac Newton 1642 - 1727
Starting point for color, changed ancient view of color, it’s art of light
Age 22, founder of monarch physics, invented calculus, 3 laws of motion
Sent home b/c of plague from school, had time to develop ^
His “experimentum crusis” Latin for crucial experiment fundamentally changed worldly
view of color
Ancient Greek view Human by Aristotle: light was the “activate” of color, color was an
intrinsic property of an object
Medieval light is a “vehicle” for color
oAn object gives color to light a prism stains light
Newton light identified with color itself
o“color is inherent in light & light is the cause of color in all its manifestation”
experiments w/ light & prisms
osunlight thru thin slip, hits certain angle of prism (triangular)
invented reflecting telescope, lenses rainbows
light into prism, from dot/circle to elongated shape
5 colors, asked to draw lines to differentiate color but he wanted 7 colors, universe shold
be harmonized, used tonal variations of scale R O Y G B I V
Newton noticed/wrote that white light is mixture of colors seen in rainbow
2nd experiment tried to change color of lights, discovered on “red” filter (hole in screen
or used slide to isolate light broken down to red, it can’t be broken out anymore
leader at that time of these studies, Robert Hook thought Newton was wrong, which
helped build Newton up
after Hook died, Newton published works in 1704
Newton’s Experiment
colors are spread
each color is bent
red bends the least
violet bends the most
both ^ through prism
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