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Lecture 3

NATS 1505 Lecture 3: Lecture 3 NATS 1505

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Natural Science
NATS 1505
Dr.Vera Pavri

Lecture 3: Internet in theory is thought to bring people together; nonisolation. Internet makes individuals isolated, more time spent online hence lesser time spent with family and friends leading to depression and anxiety. More wide ranging use of internet; more connectivity. Extraverts vs. Introverts. Internet usage motivated to be socially connected with others. Extraverts positive experience with internet. Social mediainternal pressures. FOMO: Fear of missing out Social currencysocial capital we have in the real worldonline. More social capital more positive experience online. Easy to be anonymous online Strongtie relationship: emotional strong tie relationship with people you are closest with for eg. Family friends etc. Weaktie relationship: not synonymous with a bad relationship. Casual relationship coworkers acquaintances etc. Offer important things although there exists no emotional bond but, opportunities and information are passed in between Social media sometimes based on weak tie relationships. For eg Linkdn Most people in reality maintain 150 weak and strong tie relationships at any given time. Quality communication: verbal, visual communication. Lacks body languagesocial cues.
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