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Lecture 4

NATS 1505 Lecture 4: Lecture 4 NATS 1505

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Natural Science
NATS 1505
Dr.Vera Pavri

Lecture 4 Cyber privacyUnderstanding the control you have over your own personal information and how much you give up + Access to personal information Johnson 2006 Benefits of giving up privacy vs drawbacks Sphere phishing happens when the email contains details of personal information enabling us to think it is legitimate. Family and friends name etc. Sphere phishing an email from someone whos name you recognize. Sphere phishing uses details from social media etc to form a legitimate looking email etc. Daily visited social websites tend to gather enough data than we would be willing to give out. Allowing cookies from websites makes user experience fasterquicker surfing etc because of data stored. Costs of user convenience: A lot more data held by websites than we would like (digital footprint), hence harder to remain anonymous on cyberspace. What sites you visited, how much time spent, adcontent viewed, purchases, geographical location, languages etc. Third parties buy personal data from these websites (companies) which is further passed on. DATA MINING. Meta data: data or information about data. Eg. When you take a picture on your phone, while the content may be the picture itself but meta data is the data that comes with the picture for eg. Time, date, location etc. Also ads that appear upon surfing the web later after you have browsed a particular product. Rosenbery made an algorithm and sent out 250,000friend requests to see how any would accept. 30 accepted. Wang et al: Highlights examples: alcohol and drug user including underage drinking, sexual content, religiouspolitical views, profanity and obscenity, personal or family issues, work stories. Opt out features makes privacy features harder. If privacy features are difficult it makes it easy for companies because most people would not change their settings.
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