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Lecture 6

NATS 1505 Lecture 6: Lect 6 NATS 1505

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Natural Science
NATS 1505
Dr.Vera Pavri

Lecture 6 Multitasking is fundamentally different when we compare it to an arena of a higher level learning Cognitive bottleneck: when two or more tasks require higher level learning, this will usually lead to poorer performance in at least of these tasks i.e. if you trying to listen to prof lecture while also trying to read an article for a diff. class, one task will not be done to its optimal function one higher learning task will always be compromised when we try to do TWO or MORE tasks at once Bottleneck refers to the idea that nothing can get through if you cant get something through the smaller space, it clogs everything else up i.e. traffic and congestion on the highway Wood et al. (2011): Low performance may also be connected to general (two unrelated tasks) versus specific (two closely related tasks) interference 2 similar activities (i.e. talking and listening to prof talk at once) will cause poorer performance Concept of single tasking: focusing your attention on a single task before moving onto something else SINGLE TASKING AND TIME MANAGEMENT ARE THE BEST SOLUTIONS Gendreau (2007): it has been determined that workers who switch back and forth between two tasks take 50 more time than working on them separately, completing one task first before starting another takes longer when you attempt to do something through multitasking instead of single tasking Multitasking in the classroom setting has much to do with media and technology (i.e. laptops, cellphones and other ICT devices) Use of these techs in classroom may also distract people in proximity to user as well people can get poorer grades simply bc of where they are sitting in the room (i.e. people around you are talking or looking at something on their entertainment platform?)
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