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York University
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NATS 1540
Ian Slater

NATS 1510History of the EnvironmentPart ICourse Structure and OutlineSyllabus ReviewReadingsDiscussion Period Attendance and ParticipationI design my courses to summarize and synthesize a large amount of information thus it is particularly important that you come to the lectures and do the readingsEach lecture will be followed by an informal discussion periodStudents who attend discussion period do better in the courseWe will use the discussion periods to address issues raised by the readings questions from the lecture answer preprepared questions I have given you the previous week discuss items in the news etcRecording LecturesIf you want to record the lecture you are welcome bring the recorder to the front of the room at the beginning If I am absent for any reason during the term I will either post the full lecture notes not the summaries on the website or I will post an audio file of the lectureThe WebsiteThe course website should be checked weekly for information about the class I will post handouts reading materials links etc on the site over the course of the term I will also post lecture summaries short form point
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