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lecture 2

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Natural Science
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NATS 1540
Ian Slater

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The Environmental MovementEnvironmental movement as a failure by its own standardsEnvironmental issues popular Environmentalism a broad movementoPreservation defending the wildernessoConservation maintaining natural resources for longterm useoPastoralism living a more rustic simple or backtonature lifestyle Common core concern about natureNature is for our benefit pragmatic view nature is valuable in and of itself essentialist viewEnvironmental concern philosophical or aesthetic nature beautiful and inherently valuable emotion not reason protectionthModern concern midtolate 20 century government and industry universities experts ecologists environmental managementEcologist experts grassroots activists Environmental movement and ecologists scientific quantitative analysis Silent Spring by Rachel Carson pesticides and chemicals statistics and quantitative analysisScience challenging industry and government on their own termsEcologists technicians for nature working managing nature for citizensEcologists and the state extended reach environmental analysis and impact oWe must protect andor wisely manage our natural resources
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