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The Living Body 2 - Mitosis.docx

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NATS 1610
Barbara Czaban

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NATS 1610 WINTER TERM L21 – Forming the Living Body – Mitosis Three distinct but interconnected events of CELL DIVISION • Duplication of genetic material (DNA) − Replication • Equal distribution of genetic material − Mitosis • Division of cytoplasm − Cytokinesis Preparation for Cell Division • DNA replicated • Sister chromatids − 2 identical copies of DNA − With associated proteins • Tightly associated at centromere − Serves as attachment site for kinetochore (proteins) used in sorting chromosomes MITOTIC SPINDLE APPARATUS (or mitotic spindle) organizes and sorts the chromosomes during mitosis • Centrosomes − Microtubule organizing center (MTOC) − Single centrosome duplicates at the beginning of M phase o Each will define a spindle ‘pole” • Spindle formed from microtubules − Polymers of tubulin proteins • Different sets of microtubules − Astral – position spindle in cell − Polar – separate 2 poles − Kinetochore – attached to kinetochore bound to centromeres of each chromosome Prophase • Duplicated chromosomes condense & become visible • Nuclear envelope starts to break down • Centrosomes move apart & mitotic spindle begins to form Prometaphase • Nuclear membran
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