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January 16, 2014 ovulation to fertilization.docx

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Living body: Pre embryonic period, Ovulation and fertilization -ovulation: a secondary oocyte is released and swept into the oviduct -Fertilization: a single sperm penetrates the secondary oocyte, eventually the sperm and egg nuclei will fuse, resulting in a fertilized egg, or zygote -during early fetal development: diploid oogonia numbers increase in ovaries by mitosis • During month 3: oogania enlarge and store nutrients, become primary oocytes (enter mitosis I but do not complete it “arrested and remain diploid”) Mitosis I completed years later just prior to ovulation (starting puberty one at a time) -In summary: (review slide 9 in lecture 23) -Human females are born with 2 million plus follicles within ovaries • but puberty, down about 200000 to 400000 • Only about 400 are released, 1 or a few per month • Men continuously produce new sperm -Maturing follicles develop pools of fluid: follicle wall balloons on the surface of the ovary, ovulation occurs when follicle burst and releases egg -Egg is swept into oviduct- fallopian tube (by finger like projections called fimbriae -Oviducts have billowing folds on their inner, mucous –coate
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