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September 23, 2013 Human Impacts on Environment.docx

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Natural Science
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Humans Impact on Environment Tuesday September 24/26, 2013 -Biogeochemical Cycles: nutrient moved from the environment to organisms then back to the environment. There are reservoirs of the nutrients in the environment -By products of glucose breakdown= C02, water and energy -Water cycle: cycling the water molecules, between bodies of water, from water to atmosphere to bodies of water again or into the land through rain, etc • Water in the atmosphere: clouds occur (vaporized water), changes from gas state to water state based on temperature, and then falls to earth. -Carbon Cycle: CO2 in atmosphere, taken in by trees changes to oxygen through photosynthesis then produced for organisms that require oxygen. • 2 sources of CO2 in earth’s atmosphere is cellular respiration and burning of fossil fuels -Phosphorus Cycle: moves through rocks and living organisms -Nitro
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