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York University
Natural Science
NATS 1670
Motti Anafi

In 1880 the major cause of death was infectious diseases 63% were killed by bacteria and infectious diseases Bacteria was the leading cause of death in teenagers in the 1880s Today, this is not the case As better sanitation, vaccines and antibiotics play a role in society, life expectancy goes up Today we can prevent and treat diseases better than ever There are new emerging life threatening organisms Emerging Infectious Diseases • Infectious diseases as a group will not disappear o Drug-resistant strains: there are more and more bacteria that are becoming resistant to the drugs that are trying to prevent and fight them. MRSA: kills 20 000 Americans every year. o Outbreaks of existing diseases o New disease-causing agent Drug-resistant • It can be found in the treatment of HIV AIDS • Cancer cells can be resistant to drugs as well • Most of the antibiotics we have at the moment, we have been using for 50 years • Tuberculosis is returning, so are many other illnesses that we thought antibiotics can control • Microbes are outsmarting antibiotics • Penicillin weakens bacteria by killing the cells walls • When the walls go down, the bacteria invades • As antibiotics kill off the susceptible microbes, the resistant ones survive • Thousands of people are dying because of microbes that cannot be touched • Nothing wil
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