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Lecture 6

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Natural Science
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NATS 1670
Motti Anafi

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How Mother Nature and Human Collaborate in Emerging Infections Disease Wild-life origin/reservoir Man-made amplifier AIDS Chimpanzee (SIV) Sexual activity, drug activity, drug addiction, blood products SARS Palm civet(kind of like a Restaurants, hotels, racoon, rat, dog): bats hospitals transmit it to them West Nile Virus Wild birds Tires from Africa Influenza Wild aquatic birds Poultry farms Monkey Pox Wild rodents in Africa Pet retailers and stores Human-Monkey Pox - 2003 If you know how to treat the problem, you can control the problem. Diseases Transmission within Populations: Today vs. the Old Days • 4000 years ago, we used animals to travel such as elephants • 2000 years ago, we used canoes to travel, where we carried diseases with us to other nations. Ebola virus killed millions of Aboriginals all over the place. • Today, everyone wants to fly. If you are in the first and you want to go the Middle East, in the old days, it would probably take you nine months. T
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