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Lecture 12

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York University
Natural Science
NATS 1670
Motti Anafi

DNA Double-Helix Two Functional Roles of DNA Duplication: The molecule must be replicated and transmitted in each cell division • Each daughter cell contains almost identical copies of the DNA molecules as compared to its mother cell: Every cell in the body, more or less has the same contents of DNA. Information: The molecule contains information expressed in the sequence of the nucleotides • The sequences are transcribed into RNA to release their information Original DNa First Replication Second Replication Original strand --------------------- ------------------ ----------------------- ----------- New Strands -------------------------- ----------------- ----------------------------- Dna Replication Helicase: it spins the DNA and divide the DNA into double strands DNA Replication • DNA polymerase catalyzes the addition of deoxyribonucleotide units to a DNA chain • DNA polymerase is a template-directed enzyme that synthesizes a product with a base sequence complementary to that of the template. • DNA polymerases catalyzes the information of the phosphodiester bond efficiently only if the base on the incoming nucleotide is complementary to the base on the template strand • The new DNA chain is assembled directly
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