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Natural Science
NATS 1670
Motti Anafi

Image1* *if the amount of pathogens or virulence goes up, this side of the teeter totter goes down and the happy face in the middle is sad **If the amount of immunity goes up, that side of the teeter totter goes down, and the happy face in the middle is sad Allergy Autoimmune disease: where the immune system recognizes some cells as the enemy Acute inflammation-sepsis: O 157is doing exactly this type of activity. This is coming from our immune system. Acute inflammation is a result of bacteria cells entering the blood stream. People are killed by the immune system that reacts to this. Chronic inflammation-cancer: Hepatitis A, B, and virus are causing problems because they are making the body act in chronic ways against the infection. Cells are killed by the virus sand then cells are born back because liver for example knows how to regenerate it itself. At a certain point, there is going to be a mutation in this process, and the result can be cancer. H. pylori can cause gastric cancer. The inflammation cells in the cancer cite are going to turn into cancer cells. Impetigo: contagious disease E. Coli: it is not a problem, but it can be quite aggressive (157 Immunity vs. Autoimmunity The immune system in general is working in a certain balance in order to get what we need, not too much or not too little. Our Immune System- an Introduction Our Immune System Anatomical and Physiological Barriers (first line of defense) Innate Immunity (second line of defence) Adaptive Immunity (third line of defense)– most sophisticated part of immunity in our body. It is very specific. For example if you protect yourself from the flu, you are going to be protected by the fu but not other diseases. Image 2 Normal Flora and Anatomical Barriers • Skin
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