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NATS 1670
Motti Anafi

How does the body develop antibodies? Antigen-can be anything, a virus, bacteria, any molecule, etc. Antibody- they are secreted from b cells. We have a problem: we need • To recognize a trillion of possible antigens, individually and specifically • Each lymphocyte has a specific antibody that is expresses for its lifetimes. • In order to mount an effective response we need to have sufficient cells specific for the antigen in question (at least million cells) 15 • It is not possible having 1 million x 1 trillion (10 ) cells in the body just for specific immunological response. o Our body consist of 10 cells. Clonal Selection of Lymphocytes Solution: Clonal Selection • The immune system has an extremely low frequency of cells specific for each of trillion of specificities. (5-10 / cell) • When a cell encounters its specific Ag, it replicates extensively, turning ~5-10 cells into millions of progeny • Rare antigen-specific cells can increase in number so that they get the ability to
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