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York University
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NATS 1670
Motti Anafi

Interferon-Innate Immune Responses Against Viruses it=swf::500::500::/sites/dl/free/0073375225/594365/Antiviral_activity_of_interferon.swf::Antiviral %20Activity%20of%20Interferon Interferon: Innate Immune Responses Against Viruses *Image 1* Interferon • Synthesized by virus-infected cells • Binds to interferon receptor of nearby uninfected cells • Induces them to eliminate viral genome (RNA) and black viral protein synthesis and replication. • Does not protect the original infected cell • Does not prevent viruses from invading the protected cells • Interferon is not virus-specific o Synthesis in response to one virus will also protect against other viruses. • Side effects • Interferon as a drug- it’s not a very successful drug at this level Specific or adaptive immunity • A response to a specific molecule (antigen) • The immune system can “remember” invaders and react more promptly to second exposures to infection o Only an exposure to the same antigen will activate this memory response. • The specific immune system response distinguishes between self and non-self and only reacts against non-self. • Specific response • Immunological memory o Cellular (T cells) o Humoral (B cells)  Anti
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