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Natural Science
NATS 1670
Motti Anafi

The Hygiene Hypothesis Facts about the relationship between clean environment and allergy Exposure to Stables and/or Farm Milk in the First Year of Life • There is a lower incidence of allergy in those living on farms or in rural areas • More exposure to bacteria and other antigens • Pet Ownership reduces the Prevalence of Allergy in kids. Especially for outdoor dogs. • There is a lower incidence of allergy in younger children of large families with 3 or more older siblings • Repeated exposure to infection from siblings • There is lower incidence of asthma in children who go to day care centers • Where they are exposed to more infections Allergy- The Hygiene Hypothesis You are exposed to many infections after birth. In late childhood or adulthood, you’d barely be susceptible to allergies. Hygiene Hypothesis • A hypothesis that states that exposure to allergens in the environment early in life reduces the risk of developing allergies by boosting the immune system’s activity • C
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