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Natural Science
NATS 1670
Motti Anafi

HPV: infections vs. abnormalities US cases/year 10, 000, 000 1, 400, 000 300, 000 11, 000 Having HPV mediated abnormality does not mean a woman will get cancer. HPV and Cervical Cancer HPV is the Primary Cause of Cervical Cancer • HPV DNA can be found in nearly 100% of the cervical cancers. • Approximately 30% of oral cancers in patients that lack the classical risk factors of tobacco and alcohol abuse, are HPV positive Epidemiology of Cervical Cancer • Poor routine health care for women. Cervical Cancer is One of the Most Preventable Cancers • With the appropriate screening and follow-up. • Vaccination Cervical Cancer Screening and Prevention • Prevented simply by screening o PAP test  Looks for abnormal cells • Cervical cancer is very rare in women who get regular PAP tests How is a Pap test done? • A small brush or spatula is used to collect cells from the cervix • The sample I sent to the lab and the cells are examined under a microscope. What will a Pap Test tell Us? • If the cells in the cervix are… • Normal • Abnormal o Minor cell changes of unknown importance, possibly unrelated to pre-cancer o Moderate cell changes o Severe cell changes HPV Test • Looks for the virus that causes the cell changes in the cervix • DNA based assay • More sensitive in determining presence of disease when used with Pap than Pap alone. • Positive PAP and HPV results = objective risk indicator for the development of high- grade cervical disease and cancer. How often Does a Female Need a Pap Test? st • Until age 30: Every year from about 3 years after 1 sexual intercourse or by age 21, whichever is first. • After a
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