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Cells and Organs of the Immune System nov18.docx

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York University
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NATS 1670
Motti Anafi

Cells and Organs of the Immune System Specific Immunity -Lymphocytes -b and t cells, working against something new, something that should not be there -b cells make antibodies -t cells(CD4) are the target for HIV(not mentioned a lot) -3 different t cells -helper t cells, phago-something, -part of the innate immunity, natural killer cells -kills cancer and virulent cells Innate Immunity -Monocytes -the precursor of macrophages -can be found in the blood circulation, moves towards different parts of the body during maturation -Macrophages -serves a bridge between innate and specific immunity -neutrophil -70% of white blood cells -first blood cell to wash towards the infection -important part of innate immunity All the cells of the immune system start with the haematopoietic found in the bone marrow. The haemotopoetic cells can be divided into 2. The lymphoid cells can be wither t cells or b cells. The t cells can be the manager, or helper cytotoxic suppressor(dictates the immune system should not react, suppress the immune system ina specific way). B cells can differentiate between plasma cells(which makes lots of proteins). B cells can also turn into cells are just waiting for the pathogen to come. Memory cells are cell sthat have limited activity. Natural killer cells have proteins that make them belong to this group. Innate cells are the natural killer cells and the the myeloid cells Adaptive cells are lymphoid cells Components of the Immune System Non-Specific(Innate) ◦ Secreted proteins have a specific message to surrounding cells Complement system, a system that can create holes in the
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