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Natural Science
NATS 1670
Mordechay Anafi

EB 6 HIVThe Structure of HIVNucleic acid genome RNA diploid 2 exact copies of RNA 2 genomesEnzymes that are not active but are simply there Bound to RNA and wait for Rna to bind to cytoplasm in the cell and be activatedReverse transcriptase make DNA from RNAintegraseProtein coat protects genome of virus because RNA is highly subceptible to everything around and can be destroyed immediatelyLipid Envelope helps the virus carry certain proteins that can help the virus to get into the cellGP120 attachment protein first protein to recognize the cell HIV FLOW OF INFORMATIONRetroviruses bend the rulesNormal Transcription DNA RNAProteinsRetroviruses like HIVReverse Transcriptase RNAtranscription DNAProteins translationExisting and potential drugs for AIDs are based on unique enzymatic activities of the HIV in HIV infected cellsHIV LIFECYCLEthe virus first recognizes 2 different receptors on the cell CD4
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