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Natural Science
NATS 1670
Mordechay Anafi

HIV and AIDS History of an infectious agentvirus travels from blood to blood90 of the drug drivers are infected with AIDS HIV was discovered in 1983 In Los Angeles 19671978 only two cases of PCP in immuno compromised patientsEpidemiology of a New Diseasetwo rare diseasesopportunistic infection PCPrare cancer plus other conditions linked to immuno suppression clusters of infected gay menconcentration within sexually interactive groupssuggests an infectious agentsexually transmitted within the gay groupother ways of getting a similar syndromeintravenous dry useblood transfusionshemophilia A female sex partners of AIDS positive IV drugs users and hemophiliacs AIDS statistics approximately 40 million people in the world are HIV infected approximately 11 000 new HIV infections occur daily around the worldover 95 of the infections are in developing countries Sub Saharan Africa about 28 million people are infected right now with HIVseveral countries in SubSaharan Africa re
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