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Human Virology Viruses are the most common causes of acute infections in humans • Many viral diseases can be viewed as a failure of the virus to adapt to its host The Origin of Virology 3700BC, Memphis, Ancient Egypt • Typical clinical signs of paralytic poliomyelitis • Ramses V's preserved mummy shows that he died of smallpox at the age of 35 in 1143 BC 1000BC China • Variolation (Inhilation of smallpox scabs) 1519AD • Smallpox was transferred from Europe to the Americas 1796 • Edward Jenner vaccinated a boy against smallpox, with material from cowpox lesion 1892 • Dmitri Iwanowski, a Russian botanist showed that extracts from disease tobacco plants can transmit disease to other plants after passage through ceramic filters fine enough to retain the smallest known bacteria. 1918 • Spanish flu pandemic • 40+ million deaths worldwide What are Viruses? • Not cellular organisms • Obligate intracellular parasites • Can't perform metabolism on their own • Not considered to be alive outside of a parasitized cell All cellular life has the following Characteristics in Common: • Cell membrane (Transport regulation) • Contain DNA • and several varieties of RNA molecules • protein synthesis machinery • Metabolism of basic chemicals • All cells grow and reproduce by division • and are the result of reproduction • Supply of Energy Viruses versus other cellular organisms Viruses lack the genetic information necessary for • The generation of energy • Protein synthesis Viruses Cells Hereditary Material DNA or RNA; can be DNA; Always double stranded. single or double stranded Plasma Membrane Some are enveloped Yes Independent No Yes Translation Metabolic No, totally dependant on Extensive synthesis of ATP, vitamins, lipids, nucleic acid etc. Capabilities host ATP even if viral
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