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Sex and Reproduction

by Anu J
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Natural Science
NATS 1675
Barbara Czaban

Notes by: ANU J Sex and Reproduction o Hypothalamus and pituitary gland  Hypothalamus combines and coordinates functions of endocrine and nervous systems  Hormones in hypothalamus produced by neurosecretory cells  Stored in pituitary gland  Regulate pituitary gland  Oversee pituitary gland’s production of other hormones  Pituitary gland follows orders from hypothalamus  Located under the hypothalamus in brain  Divided into two parts o Posterior pituitary  Made of nervous tissue that is an extension of the hypothalamus  Controls: ADH, OT  These hormones “do things” directly o Anterior pituitary  Made mostly of glandular tissue  Controls: ACTH, TSH, FSH, LH, PRL, GH  These hormones go to certain glands to create more hormones that then carry out a particular action o Adrenal glands  Help the body manage stress  Located next to kidneys  Called adrenal cortex (outer part) and adrenal medulla (inner part)  Hormones include:  Epinephrine  Norepinephrine  Corticosteroids o Includes some sex hormones  Androgens (promote male sex characteristics)  Glucocorticoids  Mineralocorticoids  Small amounts of estrogen and progesterone (promote female sex characteristics) o Gonads Professor: Barbara Czaban Course: Human Development (NATS 1675) Notes by: ANU J  In ovaries  Estrogens
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