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Natural Science
NATS 1675
Robert Crippen

1thOfficial Exam Tuesday April 16 7pm to 9pm Tait McKenzie East ndReview April 2Study guide posted on moodle March 26 Exam is cumulative with emphasis on the second half of the course Vagrancy acts Legal Geography Policing Poverty through the Regulation of Public Space What is the purpose of criminal lawEstablish rules borders behaviours protect societyLaw of containmentprevent people from doing wrong thingsWhat do we believeWho does it apply to The Dangerous Poor Marcus Aurelius poverty is the mother of crimeIf you let the poor do anything they will keep committing crimes of all sortscommon prejudicethe idea that the poor constitute the criminal class which is why the poor were denied voting rightsscared they would overjourn the governmentSuppress poor by denying vote and their ability to participate in political spherePeople make the kind of laws that suit them Old prejudice the poor are a dangerous lot who will stoop to criminal acts if given the opportunity
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