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Monday March 17th 2014 Chapter 8 DigestionUnit 3 TestCh 8Digestive Systems and NutritionUnit 4 Test Ch 5 Cardiovascular Ch 6 Blood Ch 19 Cancer oLook on moodle for updates Refer to Chapter 8 Digestion Body Figure There are two exitsoFood goes in the mouthoDigested food comes out of the anusIncomplete digestion system means there are only one opening Digestive System and Digest trackDigestive Track is the tube running from the mouth to the anus Mouth tongue esophagus small intestine large intestine and anusDigestive System Is everything else Ex liver salivary glands pancreas The liver is the largest organ IN the body which contains the gall bladder The largest organ OF the body is the skinLumenCavity within the digestive track Ex looking inside the stomach or digestive track Walls of Digestive TrackAre made up of 4 layers1 Mucosa Line the lumen Mucosa is also referred to as a mucus membrane Mucus is very important within the system to help everything flow 2 Submucosa Below the mucosa which contains blood vessels lymphatic vessels and nerves Lymphatic system is called the blind systemit drains your body of excess fluid of damaged area and part of your immune system It is a one way system starting in the tissues3 Muscularis area contain muscles In chapter 4 there is a description of the 3 basic muscles Fig 45 Muscularis consists of smooth muscle contains most of the muscle in the digestive track You have no control over smooth and cardiac musclea Circularb Longitudinal travels the length of the particular organ It shortens or lengths the intestineThe two types of smooth muscle work together to create an action called peristalsis which works as a wave that takes the food along the digestive track Peristalsis is a wave created by the two smooth muscles4 Serosa It is the outer covering of the digestive track MOUTHThe promenade part of the mouth is the teeth There are 20 baby teeth milk teeth disastrous teeth Adults have 32 teeth 16 in each jaw The four teeth across the front are for biting The canine teeth are used for ripping and tearing The rest of the teeth are for grinding Teeth are responsible for mechanical digestion breaking food material up into smaller pieces Mechanical and chemical digestion both occur in the mouth The tongue aid the teeth when food particles are being made smaller Chewing also aids with the food mixing with the saliva
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