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Chapter 6 March 31 2014VASCULAR TISSUEOverheadsVascular tissue is concerned with internal transport and includes blood and lymphLymph has the same composition as tissue fluid All body cells are made in a salty liquid which is tissue fluid If you get hurt that part of your body will swell with tissue fluid Lymphatic system is closely associated with the cardial vascular system however rather than being a continuous circular system it is a one way system Heart pumps blood out to arteries then it will go into arterials then to the capillary systema Complete circuit for a blood cell with average 1 minute Lymphatic system is a one way system Starting with the lymphatic capillaries these gather together and enlarge and become vessels then all the vessel join you have two lymphatic system that empty into the veins in the chest Fats are absorbed into the lacteals within the small intestineThe lymphatic system has 3 main functions1lymphatic capillaries collect excess tissue fluid and return it to the blood streamEx if you hurt your ankle it will swell2lacteals within the intestinal villi receive lipoproteins and transport them to the blood stream3the lymphatic system helps defend the body against diseaseBlood is a type of connective tissue
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