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Privacy & Control - Assignment #4 Notes The Right to Privacy • Privacy means: • free from intrusion ( to be left alone) • free from surveillance (not be followed, watched) have control of information about yourself • • Enjoyment of privacy is a human right • Privacy is infringed by • Government Business • • Private individuals • **Knowingly or unknowingly giving it away** Aspects of Privacy • Information Privacy • Establishment of rules - governing the collection and handling of personal informa- tion (personal identity [race, age, education, religion, social insurance number, ad- dress, etc] ) Can be stores on paper or databases [ birth, marriage and death data, police re- • cords, car records, welfare, etc ] • Issues: • Unauthorized insiders Leakage through carelessness • • Hackers • Privacy of Communications Covering security and privacy of mail, telephones, email and other forms of com- • munication • Territorial Privacy • Bodily Privacy Privacy Laws in Canada: Federal Laws Privacy Laws in Canada: Provin- • Privacy commissioner of canada must guard privacy in canada • Privacy commissioner per Enforces: • Privacy legislation on collection, The privacy act The personal information pro- use and disclosure of personal info • • • Obligations on tection & electronic documents by government federal govern- act (PIPEDA) • Canadians can access and cor- ment to respect • Protecting personal in- rect personal info privacy of Ca- formation disclosed • Privacy online is not guaranteed nadians by lim- through electronic com- by law (sites decision) iting collection, mercial transactions use & disclos- • Rules for how organiza- ure of personal tions ability to collect, use information and disclose information • Canadians through commercial activ- have the right ities to access & • We have a right to know correct person- why our info is collected, al information
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