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Lecture 9

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Natural Science
NATS 1700
Zbigniew Stachniak

Lecture 9 - The Computer Hobby Movement - Microcomputer manufacturers were unable to attract the general public to their products because of three reasons: o Early PCs were too expensive for an average individual. o General public was not well educated about computers and their benefits. o None of the early PC companies could offer a ”killer” application that would make their computers a highly desirable consumer electronic gadget. - In 1974 The Hobbyists: o They were explaining computers to the general public, motivating the development of the personal computer industry, and helping to introduce computers to homes. o This movement was known as the computer hobby movement. - The Mark-8 was an educational project to allow electronics hobbyists to get first- hand experience with the fundamentals of digital computing. - The hobby enthusiasm turned into a worldwide movement that appeared Popular Electronics (PE) a few months after the publication of the Mark-8 . - January 1975 issue of the magazine, informed the readers about Project Breakthrough! World’s First Minicomputer Kit to Rival Commercial Models... ”ALTAIR 8800” -- The article is arguably one of the most important publications to appear in a popular electronics magazine. o The Altair 8800 had a profound impact on the computer enthusiasts and quickly became their hardware icon. - By the end of 1975, there were a number of microcomputer clubs. - By 1976, micro computing became the world’s most exciting and fastest growing hobby. - Computer Clubs -- Provided support and exchange of information on programming and programming ai
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